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Mobile apps are just the beginning. By leveraging leading edge technologies, you can create rich, value adding apps that make a real difference.

Mobility Solutions

Information, collaboration and workflows are the core of successful mobility solutions. Empower your workforce with the latest mobile innovations.

IoT Systems

IoT is a game changer when it comes to mobile business. By embedding IoT into your solution you can get more out of your mobile workforce.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud mobility plays a key role in mobilizing your workforce. Don't waste time - talk to Delv and transform your business using mobility cloud components.

Social Analytics

Good decision making relies on accurate information from public (and private) sources. Start embedding social analytics into your mobile solutions.

Finding creative solutions to todays business problems.
Now is the time to Innovate.

Innovative Technologies Transform your business into a leader in smart technologies and reap the rewards.

iBeacon Technology Close proximity detection.

Smart Sensors Smart networks for smart cities.

Situational Awareness Context based intelligence.

Video Streaming CCTV mobile streaming.

Geospatial Solutions Intelligent mapping technology.

Smart Wearables Body-worn smart devices.

iCOPS - Law Enforcement Mobility
Innovation Situational Awareness CCTV Streaming Push-to-Talk
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Meet iCOPS
The Mobile Policing Platform.

Developed in collaboration with frontline police, the iCOPS platform revolutionizes the capabilities of field officers and creating safer, smarter cities. The future of enterprise law enforcement mobility has arrived.


The iCOPS platform is an innovative, enterprise mobility solution specifically designed for use within the law enforcement and security sectors. iCOPS utilizes leading edge mobile technology to provide vital information to law enforcement officers anywhere, anytime.

The iCOPS interface has been developed from the ground up for ease of use by law enforcement officers in high stress situations. Each iCOPS module transforms a normally time consuming task into a quick and easy electronic workflow. This empowers frontline police officers to spend more time policing and less time dealing with technology and paperwork.

Intelligence and analytics with Smart Mobility Zones.

Smart Mobility Zones

The proliferation of smart devices has given us a means to provide insightful information into the optimal work habits of office staff. With the advent of Indoor Position Systems (IPS) such as iBeacons, businesses now have the ability to gain useful information about their staff, clients and the general public. Depending on your goals, a Smart Mobility Zone can be tuned to get you the information your business needs.

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